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PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2017 12:26 am 
Dyson Forest
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Okay, so looking at this. I think I had intended to comment here a while back, but I got lost to the aethers.

Anyway I will say I like the idea of a single-step terraforming building. I also think it opens up a lot of possibilities. If terraforming was single step, didn't have to go trough the "wheel of habitability" and wasn't based on the environmental preference of a particular species there are a lot of things this opens up:
  • Easier adding or removing types of planets
  • More species with custom or special colonization profiles
  • Terraforming as a viable expansion strategy

My thoughts so far:
  1. It should stay a building
  2. Cost should be determined by planet type
  3. Time should be determined by planet size (make smaller planets better grabs)
  4. Should be buildable at outposts

All of my contributions should be considered released under creative commons attribution share-alike license, CC-BY-SA 3.0 for use in, by and with the Free Orion project.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:48 am 

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Posted an initial PR of a single use building for discussion.

Current implementation utilizes special capacity over a new (in)stability meter.
Not that I do not favor the meter, this just seemed a quicker addition with some existing UI support (and prevents adding more parser conflicts with other PRs).

For a first pass, build cost was changed to: 200 * PlanetSize * Multiplier
Since distance from type was removed from that equation (currently will always be original type), build time changed to: 6 + PlanetSize

When the planet is terraformed to the next type, it is given an Unstable Environment special, with capacity = DistanceFromOriginal + PlanetSize.
The current effects of this special reduce the happiness, industry, and research of the planet to 80%.
Each turn, the building decreases the special capacity by one, removing it when depleted.
The environment is not changed while the planet contains the special.

Some feedback appreciated:
Should cost regain some increase for target type (dropping variable build time), or can this be better addressed through increased effects on special?
Is the duration between terraform changes too short, should it have some random aspect added?
I feel the current effects on the special are minimal, suggestions for other effects/increases welcome.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 2:45 pm 
Release Manager, Design
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dbenage-cx wrote:
Some feedback appreciated ...
Haven't tested anything (don't have the time currently), but just from looking at the PR: apparently you kept the single terraforming building approach, the major change is that you no longer need to produce the building for each step, but only produce it once, and that one building will do all the terraforming until good environment is achieved. The second change is the Unstable Enviroment special, which adds some flavor and makes the process more interesting.

Which means two major issues remain: 1) Terraforming can only be done on full colonies, not outposts. So, unless you have a species that can survive on a planet, you can't terraform it (no "remote terraforming" possible). But that would be an essential feature if the terraforming approach should ever become a viable alternative to the growth techs approach. 2) The issues with special case species like the Exobots, which don't have a good environment, or if we ever had species that don't adhere to the evironment, remain.

Or do you plan to introduce separate terraforming buildings for each planet type in a later step?

Regarding the effects of the Unstable Environment special: I wouldn't reduce industry and research, but max pop instead.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:51 pm 
Space Dragon
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Vezzra wrote:
Or do you plan to introduce separate terraforming buildings for each planet type in a later step?

Regarding the effects of the Unstable Environment special: I wouldn't reduce industry and research, but max pop instead.
This and that.

Or, if I'm not misunderstanding too many things of the current game mechanics,

Make the minimum population of every outpost and colony 0.1 (or whatever), and use the same mechanics for outposts that for colonies so that outposts can actually have a species with associated population ¿meter?. Thus, you can outpost a Radiated planet with a Human outpost (or with a colony ship that would start losing pop as soon as it is deployed, so a waste of resources) and decide to build there an exobot colony (eliminating first the human population) or terraform it (towards the current species, that is human, so towards Terran). Colony building could be allowed in colonies with population less (or equal?) to 1, to allow its buildings in the outposts that would now be colonies, but maybe some new coding would be needed to actually remove the outpost species population when building a different species colony building.

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