0.4.8 roadmap
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Author:  Vezzra [ Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  0.4.8 roadmap

I think it's time to start planning for the 0.4.8 release. Which means we should start to determine what needs to go into/is mandatory for that release, and what can wait for later. The original intention has been to get 0.4.8 done by the end of the year, to (probably) no one's surprise it will take us a bit longer (most likely).

So I've split up the "v0.4.8" milestone into three:

  • "v0.4.8 (mandatory)": for issues/PRs that absolutely need to be fixed/finalized, and are therefore release-blocking.
  • "v0.4.8 (optional)": for issues/PRs that can or mayby should go in, but are not absolutely needed, and therefore do not block the release.
  • "post v0.4.8": for issues/PRs that should be postponed until after the release, these are issues/PRs that would take too much time and effort and would delay the release too much.

I've done a first pass and went over all the open issues and PRs, and and tried to assign them to one of these milestones as best as I could. As your assessment might be different, please, everyone, take a look at these milestones and the issues/PRs assigned to them and post your feedback here. If you think an issue/PR should be reassigned, make a proposal and state your reasons, so we can discuss it.

As you can see, I've considered only a few issues/PRs as mandatory, consequently it looks like 0.4.8 is almost done (97%). This of course is misleading, because there are actually two major items which will take quite some time and effort to fix/complete: the major feature of this release, the Imperial Stockpile, and the logging issues on OSX (the latter being a big headache IMO).

The implementation of the Imperial Stockpile feature itself seems close to completion (thanks to Geoff picking it up after there hasn't been any progress for a while now). However, the new feature needs some serious playtesting and refinement before it can be considered ready for release. I suspect the intial content in particular will probably need some serious adjustments. Furthermore, the AI needs to be able to have at least basic capability to handle the new feature. @AI team, any idea/estimations how much work this is going to be?

The issues with the broken logging on OSX is a major problem: Apparently the solution to that requires changes to the build setup (the boost libraries need to be shared instead of static libraries), which require changes to the OSX SDK that are blocked by an issue we haven't been able to resolve so far. Although a solution has been proposed, apparently it's not a very good one (a temporary hack at best), and adrian_broher raised serious objections. However, the logging issues on OSX need to be fixed for the release, so we need to reach an agreement there, I think this might become the major holdup for 0.4.8. If anyone has an idea how to solve that mess, that would be appreciated very much...

Comments, opinions, suggestions, etc.?

Author:  Dilvish [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 0.4.8 roadmap

Vezzra wrote:
Furthermore, the AI needs to be able to have at least basic capability to handle the new feature. @AI team, any idea/estimations how much work this is going to be?
Very basic handling of the feature should be pretty easy/quick to implement-- the AI could simply always enable the first item in its queue to draw from the stockpile. As far as something more advanced goes, I haven't looked at the stockpile in a while, but the expectation was that there would be some techs for expanding the stockpile size and efficiency, we should probably be able get them worked into the AI research planning someplace at least, even if it might be at a lower priority than a human player would use for them. The best use from my recollection of stockpile planning would be for the AI to consider any resource groups it has that are separated from its main resource group, and figure out if any items in those are critical enough that they should be given stockpile privilege. Doing that really well might be quite tricky, but it could be that figuring out some sort of reasonable-and-better-then-nothing rule might not be too bad. I am likely still pretty swamped for most of November, but will try to squeeze in some stockpile review.

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