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 Post subject: Species : Necri
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:29 am 
Pupating Mass
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A caste of elite undead warriors, last remnants of once great and prospering civilization.

At the outskirts at the universe, a humanoid civilization was pursuing the most unethical and dangerous research in attempt to transcend death itself. Bioengineering, nanotechnology, cybernetic implants. Occasionally they succeeded. A compound was created that could replace blood and infinetely repair and improve living tissue. Centuries passed and their race essentially became undead - most organs were atrophied, skin turned pale, but compound did its job in keeping body active for centuries. What they haven't anticipated, however, was that this compound removes most of biological species desires and left only desire for infinite perfection. Local wars have started here and there over control of nanocompound, weapons, cybernetic implants, research facilities and personel. Finally, a group of most advanced and augmented individuals emerged, proclaiming themselves warrior caste and taking all other population as slaves, forcing them to research and manufacture more advanced weapons, cybernetic implants, better amd more efficient nanobots, and taking all results for themselves. Some tried to oppose them, but it was futile due to superior combat traits of highly augmented warrior caste members, which was improving over time. At some point of time warrior caste wiped out 90% of their species, leaving only scientists and engineers because they were useful. Shortly after, researchers attempted to create a virus that disrupts nanobots in blood vessels and was supposed to 'kill' any warrior caste member once released into atmosphere. A plot had been discovered and all scientists and engineers on planet eradicated. A warrior caste remained alone. They tried to do research by themselves, but it turned out they were only suited for combat. As their current implants and augmentations removed all biological needs and provided immortality, they decided to not bother and just live for improvement of combat skills.

Undead Metabolism (no bonuses possible, immunity from bioterror)
Prefer Barren Planets
Xenophobic (disgust for the weak)
No Industry
No Research
Population capped at 5 (cruel world with no mercy, only the strongest survive)
Good Pilots +3 (superior reflexes due to cybernetic augmentation)
Good Defensive Troops 2000% (extremely hard to defeat at combat, especially at their positions)
Good Offensive Troops 1000% (centuries of military augmentations and rigorous training)
Reduce population of conquered planets to 0.01 (believe that the weak (peaceful population) must not be allowed to live, only a minor number of species manage to hide and survive during the invasion)
Destroy all buildings on conquered planet ('accidental collateral damage')
Always have 'High-Tech natives' bonus on planet
Starting planet is guarded with 4 'Charon' ships ( Nanorobotic Hull, 4 x Death Ray, 2 x Xentronium Armor plating, Deflector Shield, Necri pilots)
Can build ships
Cannot colonize planets (peaceful colonization disgusts them)
Unlocks 'Necri Camp' building: can only be built on already populated planet with at least 5 population. Upon completion planet's species are replaced with Necri with population 1 (agree to travel if there are enough weaklings to kill)
Every turn there is a tiny chance for planet to rebel and become neutral (diswilling to bow to the weak). Necri troopships that were built previously can't be used against Necri planets - they won't obey orders to fight their own kind
Immune to concentration camps - population will not decrease, but industry will be gained (nanomaterial will support body activity and regeneration even in direst conditions). Increases chances of planetary rebel significantly
Can't be evacuated (will not obey to abandon fortifications)
Unlocks 'Necri Stasis' building - once completed, entire Necri population is suspended in stasis and planet can be colonized with other species. If Necri Statis building is ever scraped - Necri population will be revived and wipe out anything that lived on planet before

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 Post subject: Re: Species : Necri
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:05 pm 
Pupating Mass
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Joined: Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:47 am
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