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 Post subject: Teksae (Shadow demons)
PostPosted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:44 pm 
Space Krill

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Summary: Race of lynx-like creatures. Name was given by smugglers and pirates, their usual allies.
Homeworld: cold planet, covered by forests and mountains, with one big continent.
Reason for leaving a homeworld: main reason is just interest and minor depends on clan.
Physical description: from 80 to 120 centimetres tall, with brown or grey coat and black tufts of hair on its ears.
Psyhical description: their ancestors were solitary hunters and that's why they are less emotional and lees concerned about anything except their needs and troubles and due to their special mental structure (half of their ancestors's(and all other cats's actually) mind is sleeping during waiting in ambush) all of them are able to concentrate deeply(all non-affected parts of brain are just sleeping. Can be broken only by instinct of survival) and quick(just to think. that's why they are almostly always concentrated)(perhaps it's something like side-effect). Thanks to this teksae are pure fanatics - their purpose(it can be everything) is only thing they concerned, they have almostly no emotion, they can't be tired, can't feel hunger(only during their concentration of course. The time Taksae are no concentrated usually for few minutes for a day), they can easily block pain or any remaing emotion. And on other side they have no mythology, usually have no culture or religion(if it exist it's totemism, animism or just amulets). Teksae are limitely omniscient - they can sense everything in some region. Perhaps it formed thanks to their animal-like way of life (and bacause of population waves or something like(food is over and weak is dead)) but perhaps every race had that ability and Teksae just saved it.
Social structure: they have no society - they are solitary hunters as their ancestors. All non-typical work is trouble of or individuals or small qroups.
History: Teksae was still prehistoric when they have met smugglers. First the newcomers was feared by creatures striking from the darkness but later their skills was used for raiding sneaking, avoiding enemies or finding prey. Teksae omniscience allowed smugglers and pirates to work almostly safely and few times more effective. Pirates have even started capturing colonies. During that period Teksae captured few ships(at least they can find food somewhere else) and built space stations in colonies. And now they are much more than pirates.
Teksae have saved their way of life, that's why they must use ecologically non-hostile planets and space stations with artifical biospheres.
Limitely omniscient(and fanatism in few places)(ship attack and defense from +20 to +50, ground attack and spying +10 70% addional chance to capture a ship )
Unable to revolt(why and against whom if they have no autorityes. At least how if they fanatics)
Raiders:ships can be built only in enemy facilities and enemy structures and industry are soonly ruined, have no income(robbing enemy), captured population are soonly dead (everything is ruined and citizens are unable to survive). Perhaps after they got some techs(like androids or something sociological or biological) it can be removed.
Doesn't need feeding (they are feeding from their planets or stations)
spying +10 from the way of life.

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