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Space Krill

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World Type- Barren
Name- Semn-kair (aka Gatherers)
Summary – Hideous greedy traders.
Physiology and Psychology – This scavenging greedy and brutal race looks like a cross between a crow, a rat, a toad, and a man. Of the hundreds of thousands of family languages that exist, not a single one has a word for loyalty. Member of a family are less likely to betray each other, and banding together in large families is beneficial for the individual, giving them protection. Despite a feuding system of Dons (head of a family) running what the Semn-kair call a government, they are adapt merchants and traders. They have no sense of taste and almost no sense of smell, a high tolerance for poison, and a mild aversion to water. This leads to vulgar eating habits and an awful smelling race.
Social Structure – Cutthroat family wars dominate the social structure of the Gatherers. Open battles are rare, but minor skirmishes, assassinations (from outside and within the families), and unexplained deaths are commonplace.

Homeworld – Krulp

History & reason for leaving the home planet - An ancient and long dead race, known to the Gatherers as the Gifters (Semn-naw), lived in a now destroyed solar-system. They used the barren planet of Krulp as a dumpsite. The race that eventually evolved on the garbage-heap are the Gatheres (Semn-kair). When not bickering among themselves they launch extensive campaigns of conquest to increase personal wealth and holdings.

Race Attributes – Due to the petty greedy nature of the Semn-kair they actually have a higher growth rate on less inhabitable planets. The scarcity of wealth forces them to cooperate enough to form families. On resource rich planets with lots of food each Semn-kair spends so much time trying accumulating person wealth and trying to hold onto it that reproduction and cooperation take a back seat.

[Semn-kair literally means “pick it up” an Semn-naw means “put it down”]

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