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 Post subject: Arachnidia
PostPosted: Sat Sep 06, 2003 3:25 pm 
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The Arachnidia (inspired by "the Bugs" from starship troopers (movie and book)):

This is a race comprised of multiple sub-races of various arachnids. The most commonly seen are the warriors/workers. They are quite formidable in battle in mass numbers, and quite difficult to kill. Other battle types include, but are not limited to: The "tank" bug: This arachnid has evolved to spew a highly flamable substance from it's mouth that is rather like napalm. The "wasp" bug: A bomber/arial arachnid that looks rather like a flying wasp. The "Artillery" bug: Huge giant arachnids that can fire a round of super-plasma from thier abdomens that can reach outer space from the surface of a planet. And last but not least: The "brain" bugs: These bugs can extrude information from captured prisoner's brains by litterally "sucking" it out of thier heads. They are responsible for co-ordinating and maintaining communication between different arachnid sub-races. There are rumored to be other types of arachnids, and some speculation that the "brain" bugs bio-engineer thier lesser arachnids to suit whatever current needs the society at large needs.


Super fast breeding. Litterally millions of soldier bugs can be born at a time.

No space ships. It is thought these creatures spread by sending a "queen" through space to a planet they wish to colonize. They have no use for ships.

Bio-engineered. Can only research new types of sub-races. Can only do this if a "brain" bug is on a planet (the rest of the race has no need for research).

Underground dwelling.

Extremely tough combatants. (Shoot off a leg, the bug keeps coming...).

Limited victory conditions: Can only win the game via the total conquest option, or 1 or 2 others... can't achieve the research or the "X" victory.

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