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PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:23 pm 
Pupating Mass
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Tech: Artificial Mega-fauna
Prerequisites: Xenarchaelogy, Lifecycle Manipulation
Unlocks Mega-fauna Cloning Chamber building

Building: Mega-fauna Cloning Chamber
Allows to build Small Snowflake, Small Juggernaut and Small Kraken if planet also has shipyard.
To build Small Kraken this system must also have Gas Giant
To build Small Juggernaut this system must also have Asteroid Belt
To build Small Snowflake this system must also have Small Planet

Tech: Mega-fauna Reproduction
Prerequisites: Mono-Cellular Expansion, Artificial Mega-fauna
Unlocks Mega-fauna Growth Chamber building
Unlocks Amoeboid Hull

Building: Mega-fauna Growth Chamber
Allows to build self-reproducing hulls on this planet if it also has Basic Shipyard

Hull: Amoeboid Hull
Basically, overgrown amoeba. Its simple structure allows it to reproduce asexually in broad range of conditions.
Starts with 1 structure, grows additional 4 structure over 4 turns.
Once reached full structure, can occasionally create a new Amoeboid Hull ship with same components as self but with 1 structure.
Chance of reproduction (on every turn) depends on brightness of star:
Black hole, Deep space: -
Yellow star: 5%
Red star: 10%
White star: 15%
Blue star: 25%
Neutron star: 35%
Speed: 50
Stealth: 45
2 Internal Slots, 2 External Slots

Tech: Hardened Self-reproducing Hulls
Prerequisites: Mega-fauna Reproduction, Asteroid Reformation
Unlocks Hardened Amoeboid Hull

Hull: Hardened Amoeboid Hull
Amoeba that learned to consume asteroids to make it's body harder and more resilient, and also increases stealth by using asteroids as disguise
Reproduction is the same as in Amoeboid Hull
Starts with 1 structure, grows additional 24 structure over 12 turns.
Speed: 75
Stealth: 65
4 Internal Slots, 3 External Slots

Tech: Military Self-Reproduction Refining
Prerequisites: Mega-fauna Reproduction, Xenological Genetics, N-Dimensional Engine Matrix
Unlocks Worm Hull

Hull: Worm Hull
Starts with 1 structure, grows additional 14 structure over 14 turns
Speed: 160
Stealth: 55
2 Internal Slots, 1 External Slot
Once reaching 5 structure, has 25% chance to reproduce on any turn, even if in deep space or moving in lane.
During combat has 10% chance to reproduce on every round, new copies are spawned with 1 structure.


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