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FreeOrion numbered releases are available for download for various Windows versions, OSX 10.9+, and various Linux distributions.

Both numbered releases (eg. 0.4.4) and more frequently-updated test builds are available. Numbered releases are probably more reliable and less likely to have major bugs, but may be significantly out of date compared to the latest developments in the test builds. The instructions below, other than for the prebuilt installers at Sourceforge, are regarding numbered releases. For current test builds either use the Sourceforge builds or build FreeOrion yourself following our Compile instructions.

Please note that FreeOrion requires OpenGL 2.1 or later. With OpenGL less than 2.1, there may be poor performance or crashes.

Windows / macOS

Download FreeOrion prebuilt installers from Sourceforge.


Snap Packages

There are FreeOrion snap packages available on

More information about FreeOrion on Snapcraft can be found on this page.


You can find the latest official packages of FreeOrion in Debian unstable.

When the development of Debian is frozen and the distribution prepares for the next stable release, you might also find packages in the experimental branch. Please use them with caution.


apt install freeorion


Installation of packages is similar to Debian. Packages from Debian unstable automatically migrate to Ubuntu.


apt install freeorion


apt-get install freeorion (apt prior version 1.0)

Personal Package Archives (PPA)

There is an inofficial PPA provided by a contributer, information and instructions on how to add it can be found in this forum thread.

Another inofficial PPA has been provided by the Debian maintainer of FreeOrion, with backports of stable releases for LTS versions like Ubuntu 14.04 and bleeding edge snapshots for the most recent version of Ubuntu. However, this PPA has not received any updates since 2017 and must be considered outdated.

In case you still want to use it, follow the instructions on the following page and add this PPA to your system.

Arch Linux

You can install FreeOrion from the Arch User Repository (AUR).

Building from source the Debian way

apt install build-essential

apt-get source freeorion

apt-get build-dep freeorion

cd freeorion-*

debuild -us -uc

You can tweak the variables in debian/rules and modify e.g. REV to change the revision of FreeOrion. Then run

debian/rules get-orig-source

to download a Debian compliant source tarball. You will have to install subversion.