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by quosa
Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:51 am
Forum: Other Game Design
Topic: Space Life
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Re: Space Life

hi, i like pirates, especialy those, hungry and mad ones in Serenity/Firefly; they could ocupate or blockade an another Race to force them to build their ships; f.e. such a social structure: - lots of stupid, suicid/mad soldiers - a working-class, an oppressed Race, dammed to build ships and station...
by quosa
Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:55 am
Forum: Graphics
Topic: Building Icons
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Re: Building Icons

Hallo Friends,

i thought about that megalith-building, and painted this concept; any ideas, is it usefull?
Brainstorming: old, large, simple form, stone, one or more, f.e. aranged in a circle,


Greetings - Quosa