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by Dunwitch
Thu Jan 26, 2006 5:47 am
Forum: Other Game Design
Topic: Ship Limits
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Ship Limits

The idea of how to limit the number of ships you can build has been bouncing around, and I thought of one way you could implement it. In a nutshell - planet-based production maintenance. Each ship already requires monetary maintenance, but that doesn't limit you very much unless it is crippling. Thi...
by Dunwitch
Sun Aug 14, 2005 3:48 am
Forum: Story
Topic: Hostile lifeform list
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Hostile Life-forms

Was lurking and thought of some more hostile life forms that I thought would add some flavor ... Hostile Life Forms Plasmic Vermids: These odd and devastating creatures are small, levitating energy worms. They are able to maintain low-level fission and their bodies are largely a mettalic/fullerene s...