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by guiguibaah
Wed Oct 22, 2003 3:06 am
Forum: Audio
Topic: Drektopian Music
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What kind of synthesiser / sampler do you use? I liked your first one - maybeorion1... It reminded me a bit of starcontrol 2.
by guiguibaah
Wed Oct 22, 2003 2:11 am
Forum: Other Game Design
Topic: Ground Battle Matrix
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Ground Combat Resolution

Hmmm - well my personal opinion is the same as expressed above - if it takes more than one (or maybe 2) turn to resolve a planet battle, I usually just bomb it to heck and move on. In fact, I always found it a little ironic how one can build so many gov DEA's to defend a planet, when all one needed ...
by guiguibaah
Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:58 am
Forum: Other Game Design
Topic: Flagships
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I think it would be interesting if the player could designate a Captial ship for their entire fleet. The captial ship, by virtue of it's uniqueness, could be given extra bonuses for combat purposes and the like. What would be really interesting would be if the player could customise the capital ship...
by guiguibaah
Wed Oct 22, 2003 1:49 am
Forum: Graphics
Topic: Some Planet Samples (Images)
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Well, the way I see it - why not have both? :)
by guiguibaah
Mon Oct 20, 2003 11:29 pm
Forum: Graphics
Topic: General guidelines - Read First (outdated)
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Here's an idea.

One thing I learned from MOO3 was that there really wasn't much eye candy. I know, I know - we're dealing with a strategy game here, not something akin to Unreal 2003. But I honestly COULD NOT go back to playing moo3 without using smellymummy's "end of turn image rotator". I think by adding extra gr...
by guiguibaah
Tue Oct 14, 2003 12:30 am
Forum: Audio
Topic: GuiguiBaah Music
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GuiguiBaah Music

-= New May 1st =- I've composed a few sountracks that could be specific to a race of that type of genre. Thanks to PD for hosting the space to put up the files. The Noble humans The Ancients Content alien ambassador #232 Upset alien ambassador #232 Remix of Stratcaster's Warhorn.mp3 The Traygeagoggr...