AXIS v0.0.5 Released

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AXIS v0.0.5 Released

#1 Post by leiavoia » Sun Jul 20, 2003 6:29 pm

hi everyone. long time no see. as some of you know, i've been working on my pet project AXIS. I've struck a minor show-off demo release and thought people here might be interested in what i've been up to since it's a similar project to free orion (though not as large). From the axis website:

Here is our first official release: AXIS v0.0.5, aka "Advanced Football". It's a pre-alpha testbed semi-interactive demo. It features map generation and pod movement and exhibits pathfinding algorithms, mild animations, and a functional GUI.

At this time, it's only available for linux as a binary. A Windows release will be made available just as soon as someone can compile it in a windows environment (not me). If you have any windows programming experience, please volunteer!

More information about the demo and installation can be found in the readme file. You can download it or see screenshots on the front page of the website


i'm also looking for a windows programer to produce a windows version of the demo. i'm sure i could do it myself given time, but i dont generally work in windows these days (hurray for linux!) and am not familiar with DevC++. volunteers welcome. feedback is good.

thanks for looking.

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