sins of a solar empire

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sins of a solar empire

#1 Post by skdiw »

anybody tried sins of a solar empire just recently release? how's the game? what are the pros and cons? how does the gameplay and fun factor compare to moo? the reviews looks pretty nice so far.

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Re: sins of a solar empire

#2 Post by utilae »

I have yet to give it more of a go, but I have tried the beta, the actualy game and done the tutorials lol.

Anyway, its is basically a real time strategy game using spaceships, and orbital buildings. The map is open space, but it is like multiple maps, eg planet 1 map, planet 2 map, etc for x planets. Each planet is connected via a star lane basically that ships can use (phase jumping, which is jump times) to go between planets in real time. Like supreme commander you can zoom right out to see multiple planets, and zoom right in to the planet map itself. Zoom is all seemless, so it is like one big map really.

Each race has a tech tree that is visible and looks like the Titan Quest or Diablo II skill screens. So unlike starcraft, you can see what item you research will lead to the next one. There are upgrades, new units, new buildings, a super weapon, and also techs for your planets to improve income and production, etc. Planets have a population which are taxed to give income. Crystal and mineral asteroids can be mined for those resources. Researching various upgrades and developments for your planets is possible.

Battles are like any RTS game. RST style click on enemy unit to attack and watch fireworks. Each unit does have abilities with cool down times, etc. And each unit can learn new abilities through experience. Graphics are awesome and the requirements are mean't to be kinda low for its graphics qualitiy. There are three races, plus each player can have a bounty on their head, which alerts the space pirates to attack your colonies.

The game is made by Stardock who made Galactic Civilizations, but it still does not replace Master Of Orion 1 or 2. Simply because the game is different. Master Of Orion 1 or 2 has a higher level of empire management, + ship design. They are basically different games since Sins is RTS in space, while Moo / Moo2 is turn based in space.

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Re: sins of a solar empire

#3 Post by Yeeha »

I like it a lot but as Utilae said its nothing like moo2. Its geared towards warfare, colony managment is very basic, grabbing few planets and building sick defense means loss, being researcher means loss, constant warfare is way to victory. But for those who like such space warfare game is really interesting, although you dont have so many choices as in moo2 - no ship designing, no sabotage game definetly aint no brainer.

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Re: sins of a solar empire

#4 Post by KingCook »

Yeah I also had big hopes for sins but it looks more like C&C in space with jumps :s

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