Invasion col/civ-like strategy game

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Invasion col/civ-like strategy game

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General Information
I developed a turn based pc game after 5 years of work. It is similar to Civilization game basically. You have a small tribe at the start of game consist of one warrior and one settler. And with first settler you build your first city and start developing your small country. Every city gets bigger by the time with population increase. At any time you can build your second, third city if you have enough gold(Building a city costs 30 golds).

All cities produces soldiers/units of user choice in several turns. If player builds barracks/blacksmith/workshop unit producing speed increases. Also there is a tech tree. At the start of game player cannot produce all units of course. He can only produce settler and warrior. By the time he discovers new technologies and be able to produce new units. If he builds schoolhouse/library/university he discovers new techs more quickly(in less turns).

It is similar to Sid Meier's Civilization, but there are lots of differences too. In every city every citizen can work on producing of food/cotton/tobacco/grape/wood/fur/stone/gold also citizens can convert cotton into cloth, tobacco into cigar and grape into wine in realted city buildings : weaver/cigar house/winery. To build these buildings at least one citizen have to produce stone in city lands. In every building process city needs stone. Also every terrain type is different and in each terrain some products is producing good and some not. In addition there are extra productivity areas in map which shown with small icons of these products. Settlers can cut forests, examine hills and find new extras after agriculture and mining techs are found.

There are 10 civilizations, every civilization have special unit and civilization bonuses which makes them different from others in game play. Also AI is very good and have 5 different levels.

System Requirements
Windows 98/2000/XP/NT/Vista, DirectX 5 and upper

Web Page
You can examine game details from (it can be closed some time, I have bandwidth problems and fixing. Then try again later)

You can download trial version of Invasion Turn Based Strategy Game v0.2 from one of these (11 MegaBytes) ... 2.exe.html ... einfo.html

Screenshots :
Image Image Image Image

Note :
Please feel free to give your negative or positive comments and feedbacks about game. I will regularly check here to see any comments or feedbacks.

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