A game to try while you're waiting for/coding version 1.0

Talk about strategy games like MoO series, Civilization, Europa Universalis, etc.
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A game to try while you're waiting for/coding version 1.0

#1 Post by mattness » Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:54 pm

Hi all!

I'm a huge fan of the Master of Orion Series, and was excited to hear about your open source version. I downloaded your version 0.3.10 and it looks promising, but not all that playable yet. :) I'll have to stop back from time to time to see how things are progressing. I miss the MOO series.

I wanted to let people know about an obscure but really cool strategy game that I have gotten addicted to and has kept my interest for over 2 years now. Its kind of a bizarre hybrid of Master of Orion, and Magic the Gathering. The game is called Star Chamber. The game is kind of like a simplified version of MOO that has been optimized for multiplayer with an average game playable in a half hour.

The trading card aspect of it scares some people off, but unlike most trading card games the board play makes it balanced enough so that a good strategist with a cheap commons or starter deck will almost always beat a poor strategist with an expensive deck, and there are plenty of tournaments and events that are commons only or sealed draft. You can get plenty out the game by only buying the $10 registration and just playing with the cards that comes with. Also the community gives away free common cards to dedicated players.

The only problem with Star Chamber is that the community is very small. The game was owned by a small indy developer that then got bought by Sony Online Entertainment. Sony makes all its money off of big MMORPGs like Everquest. Star Chamber is small potatoes to them, so they refuse to put any money into promoting our game and expanding our community. This has forced us SC players to resort to grass roots promoting on forums for other games we enjoy. Hence this post.

So if you are either waiting for a more playable version of FreeOrion, or if you have a break from coding FreeOrion and feel like some inspiration, please come check out our game!

If you are interested in trying SC, the official website (with the PC client/demo) of Star Chamber is:


The mac client can be found here:


Inside mac games has a good review of it here:


I hope to see a few of you there.



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