Talk about strategy games like MoO series, Civilization, Europa Universalis, etc.
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#1 Post by DvdW » Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:16 pm

It's a game that focusses on only one topic. Diplomacy. Specifically military diplomacy.

While you move your armies like in a strategy game, the outcome will be determined on what the other players do. Not a roll of dies, or other random things. It becomes a match of bluffing, making alliances, and backstabbing people at the right time.(before they backstab you, but after they helped you)

Because playing it is almost a pure diplomacy game, it is a good example of a diplomacy model that works without any external balancing factors, so maybe some ideas could be used in FO.

Here is a free online version: www.playdiplomacy.com

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