Support the games that influence us! Buy Paradox!

Talk about strategy games like MoO series, Civilization, Europa Universalis, etc.

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Support the games that influence us! Buy Paradox!

#1 Post by Aquitaine »

Just an FYI:

The crazy group of sweedes that makes a lot of the games which have influenced us (HoI, EU2, etc.) is releasing their next game, Crusader Kings, next week.

I strongly recommend checking out Paradox's games. They're not always as polished as stuff that the huge companies can do, but they're very innovative and they push the envelope in a lot of ways that the huge companies are afraid of doing. They also have a hard time with their publishers -- especially their north American ones -- so show your support by pre-ordering CK directly from them, which helps their margins quite a lot:

(their web site is

Extra kudos to those of you who do buy CK, since I'm a history nerd, especially about that era. :)

(this post is not sanctioned by Paradox Entertainment. It is an Announcement because Aquitaine has abused his moderator powers.)
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#2 Post by Starrh »

It is an advertisement Sheesshh some one needs to tell the moderators! They are just getting way to lax around here! :lol:
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#3 Post by Tyreth »

Maybe we can play some spathi-ball to teach him a lesson on the way hunam's deal with advertisers.

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Re: Support the games that influence us! Buy Paradox!

#4 Post by Geoff the Medio » ... ery-bundle

Stellaris is currently available for €1 (or equivalent I assume) from the Humble Bundle, or with various expansions / DLC for €8-12 or so. 6 days left for that offer as of this writing.

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