New Master of Orion Project

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New Master of Orion Project

#1 Post by Lord of Rigel » Sun Mar 30, 2014 8:11 pm

Calling Master of Orion Fans,
We wanted to post here to drum up interest in a new game currently in the design phase. The game will be called Lord of Rigel and it will be based on Master of Orion 2. Many games over the years have tried to enhance or emulate Master of Orion 2 and ultimately fall short of their goal. The purpose of Lords of Rigel is to provide players with a chance to play Master of Orion 2 enhanced for 2014. There will be new features added the game, but the core fundamentals of Master of Orion 2 will be left intact.
The game will use the Unity engine be fully modable to that other players can add content as they see fit including making a vanilla Master of Orion 2 for the 21st Century. Currently we are looking for anyone for can code in C#, as well as 2D and 3D modelers. If anyone is interested in working with our team please email us with a CV or examples of prior work.

Lord of Rigel Team

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