New EU2-ish game: Knights of Honor

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New EU2-ish game: Knights of Honor

#1 Post by drek »

A demo: ... 2Fdemo.php

So far, I've only played the demo. It looks like a great game in the spirit of EU2 (with many pieces of gameplay cribbed directly from EU2), but with all the spit and polish Paradox seems incapable of.

It's Crusader Kings done right. In particular, I dig the build system. Try it out.

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#2 Post by Impaler »

I'm Downloading now, screen shoots seem to indicate StrongHold style Castle assaults with Nationwide control. Looks quite interesting. I'll write some more when I have played it. Keep hunting for good reference material Drek. I think we might want to come up with a collection of links to reference games and their Demos so we can all sample the various elements of the genra and have some commons material to refer to.
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#3 Post by krum »

It's the second game by the Bulgarian developer Black Sea Studios, after Tzar, which was quite innovative, it was e.g. the first RTS with well-implemented RPG elements, but was unfortunately released at the same time with titles like AOE2 and without much advertising, I mean worldwide of coure, it got quite popular here and afaik in Spain.

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#4 Post by Tyreth »

Very fun game, unfortunately I have to go now and can't save with the demo.

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Re: New EU2-ish game: Knights of Honor

#5 Post by Telcontar »

drek wrote:It's Crusader Kings done right. In particular, I dig the build system. Try it out.
Meh. Too much ahistorical emphasis on economics. Where's the vassal intrigue? The managing of your family and heirs? A medieval game should be about (and squarely focused on) people, not the pursuit of money.

The game also bears an unusual resemblance to the Total War series of games, which I was never fond of.

In my opinion, Crusader Kings is closer to "right" than this game.

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