FreeOrion UI default look

Development of artwork, requests, suggestions, samples, or if you have artwork to offer. Primarily for the artists.
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FreeOrion UI default look

#1 Post by Tyreth » Tue Jul 15, 2003 2:47 pm

Tzlaine posted this in the programming forums,
tzlaine wrote:I thought that the enitre current setup was for demo purposes only. If not, it should be. What we really need is a consistent design doc (nothing formal, just a scetch or something). I think we should have a MP/SP choice right off the bat, and then for MP you can select to host or join a game. If you choose to join, you can search for servers on the localhost, LAN or the internet (the latter to be disabled until the day when we have public serers up).

While we're at it, I think we should either come up with a custom FreeOrion button look (the default is not very pretty, probably because I -- a programmer and not an artist -- designed it). I'd be happy to implement it if someone were to degin a new one. drek's earlier design was a nice start, but more work should probably be done.
So I'm posting this here since it's all graphics/UI related. It's a good idea, and we should come up with a default theme, and design doc.

Anyway, use this thread if you want to work on it or have any ideas to post.

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