Some interesting ship models...

Development of artwork, requests, suggestions, samples, or if you have artwork to offer. Primarily for the artists.
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Re: Some interesting ship models...

#16 Post by pd »

I've already commented on those issues. Do I know how many man-hours this will take? Yes, I do. Do I want to spend my time reworking and adapting only partly suited free (and not so high quality) content? No I don't. Do we need a hundred of models right now? No, we don't - instead we are going to continuously build this up.

Ship models are not a limiting factor - speed of progress doesn't depend on it. Adding those free ships would actually waste man-hours, because we need to first fit those things in and then replace them later with original content.
If you like them so much, you'll be able to add them yourself.

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Re: Some interesting ship models...

#17 Post by charlieg »

That's an unconstructive response. Some of the ships *are* of suitable quality. It's not a demand for you to do it, it's a suggestion. If there were any obvious style guidelines perhaps we could suggest specific ships? I'm certainly not advocating including ALL of them, 100s of them, just the few that (if) are suited to FreeOrion...
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Re: Some interesting ship models...

#18 Post by Josh »

I for one would prefer not to use other peoples ship models for anything but inspiration. Ship building one of the fun tasks of the project, and frankly, not something I'd like to leave to someone else if I can somehow contribute to it. PLUS, to find a model that really works, would be a very lucky find if you know what I mean.

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