Planet Obi-one Terraforming Sequence (jpg's)

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Planet Obi-one Terraforming Sequence (jpg's)

#1 Post by Obiwan »

I’ve been looking forward to contributing to the FreeOrion project for about six months. Having moved to a new town, spare time has been a bit scarce.
Well I found some last week and after work pumped out this Terra-forming sequence. ( it was a lot of fun too)
Originals are 1280x1024 noninterlaced png. 72 dpi.

and gaia

[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]


[img] ... small).jpg[/img]

Ive read the Creatice Commons Attribution - Share Alike licence and am happy with that arrangement.

Jonathan (Obiwan) :)

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#2 Post by tzlaine »

Those are the best ones yet! Great job! Talk to Tyreth or miu about putting the originals in the PHP Collab site, ok?

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#3 Post by Tyreth »

These are fantastic, we will definitely be able to use them. Send me an email (click on my profile for it) and I'll set you up with an account to upload them to our artwork collaboration website.


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#4 Post by Nightfish »

That looks extremely pretty :) Is it possible to have some of the things move for even more eye candy? Like the birds, waves, etc?

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#5 Post by Almkaz »

Wow - these are absolutely fantastic!

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#6 Post by Zanzibar »

I have just one word for you. Sweet!! :)

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#7 Post by Ablaze »

Those are pretty sweet.

Just one tiny little question: From what I hear, when an astronomer refers to a swamp world they are talking about a planet which is extremely high in heavy metals but which is still approximately terra-like.

I could be wrong about that, but even if I am a metallic gleam in the water and on the rocks could add a little more variety to the landscape. (I know there's already quite a bit of variety, but more is better, right?)

Just my two cents.
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#8 Post by Obiwan »

Thankyou everyone. Its a privilage to contribute.

One of the few critisisms I had of Moo2 was the way Id spend so much effort developing a world into one of the cornerstones of my empire. Then terraform it and like ' is that really planet 'Eden', I dont recognize it one little bit. Guess it must be, it has the same name.'
For me it detracted from a feeling of personal connection.

So Im hoping that something can be done to change this in later releases.

tyreth is ( sales AT ) the right email address

@ Nightfish - Animation not out of the question, just a bit hard (lot of post render stuff - eg waves in the Ocean pict are all hand done)

@ ablaze - didnt know that, guess on this world the metallic ores are in giant underground seams and would have to be mined. Interesting thought though. Maybe in the next sequence I do.

(edited by Tyreth to change email address so spam tools won't find it)

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#9 Post by Tyreth »

Nope, my email address is tyreth AT, which is also in my profile. I'm not sure how you found my evosys address :) If it's on any FO related websites, let me know by PM so I can fix that up.


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#10 Post by Odi »

wow, nice images, awww, I want terragen 1.0 :roll: :)
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#11 Post by Impaler »

Butifull work!

I have a few questions/coments as regards to our Enviromnetal Preferences and terraforming. First off are we going to have a Jungle type anymore or is this the same as swamp (high rainfall and just below boiling temperatures)? The Iradiated Planet looks more "Inferno" to me, I thing I rememder someone saying Iradiated was possibly a "special" that is atached to sertain planets.

Also I read that the consept behind Gaian planets has been changes, that Gaians are some kind of super planet wide organims. The picture you have seems very much like the terran planet (but I admit it looks more "happy" and Gaia like).

Here is another interesting Idea.

Perhaps we should make a second "layer" much like an animation cell that goes over the terrain picture which depicts cities/life forms and other changes that are uniuqe to each race.

So lets say the Klakons are on a destert planet we take the desert terrain and overlay the Klakon-Desert cell (1 cell each each environment a race can live on so its a lot of cells total) and we see a desert with Klackon Cactus, Klackon buildings and Klackons walking around. Each race preferse a particular kind of Environment and their buildings would reflect what environments they like better, the cell overlays for undesirable environments would contain suited pedestraians and have no vegitation introduced, the buildings would be sealed bunkers domes. The cells for progressivly nicer environments would show extensive plants (plants specific to each race) and more open/natural and decorated building (reflecting the fact that facilites have lower maintance if their built in an environment you race likes)
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#12 Post by hurleybird »

those are absolutley buetifull, very proffesional.


the terrain looks too uneven for putting buildings on, at least buildings in, say, moo2. It would be possible, but looks to be fairly hard to do.

Also, if we design the building art around these pictures, than this will become the standard for future art, newer base art would have to be on a similar angle for buildings to fit.


you could do different pictures for different populations for each image, and not have tac-on buildings at all.

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#13 Post by Aquitaine »

Let's keep this from going OT, Impaler, save design questions for the appropriate forum.

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#14 Post by utilae »

Those are the best images yet. They definately show the different environments as I had imagined.

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#15 Post by mugsy69 »

It's unanimous, those are awesome pictures. I too would like to see some animation, but would be happy with the way they are now. Excellent job!

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