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Development of artwork, requests, suggestions, samples, or if you have artwork to offer. Primarily for the artists.
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#61 Post by Sandlapper »

Man, that's great!

@ the Imperial Palace

"Emperor Palidin, you requested my presence?"

"Ahh yes, Admiral Zhukov; The Governor of Pleides is demanding we send the Seventh Fleet, immediately, to their system. They have recovered an emergency beacon for a freighter that has disappeared. You may want to view this image... "

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#62 Post by Impaler »

Thats just BRILLIANT!! Both from an artistic as well as a Hummor point of view. We must include that in FO someware (idealy linked in some way to a "Space Monster" event).
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#63 Post by utilae »

That spaceship one flying over the planet is SWeeT.

IS that a sun or a nuke going off on the planet. I think it would be cool if people were left to wonder between the two.

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#64 Post by Obiwan »

Its the star. I had this idea in my head it was an exploration vessal. Though there are some turrets on it.

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#65 Post by pd »

I don't want to offend obiwan in any way, but in my humble opinion the current v0.3 splash looks a little clumsy(i hope it's the right word). The logo placement and those borders bother me most, but it's also the color overkill. It's a question of taste i guess.

Sadly, i don't have much to offer myself. I've handed in a modified version of the v0.2 splash, which is displayed below. Just thought i should share it with you. I liked the change in mood those colors give and it also fits the logo pretty nice.


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#66 Post by Aquitaine »

I agree regarding the color.
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#67 Post by Yoghurt »

Me likes the proposal.

That reminds me that I should get the update-tool to work on Windows as well.

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