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New kid in town (music to come?)

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:47 am
by ehasting

First a short intro about me :).

I have been making music for the demoscene lately, pure hobby artist.. nothing big.. only for fun. I mostly make chillout kind of music. but have been making about everything inside electronical genere (last track was vocal trance.. for a demo :P)

But i must admit that This game drew my attraction soundscape wise.. because of its unidentified and unexplored sound signatures which is attacted to the unexplored space... the new discovered races... ahh.. inspiration...

The fact that each race should have their own sound or.. personality gives a lot of playroom.. and challange...

I would like to participate to the game, if my skills meets the criteria.. (which i guess is rather hight :)) still i feel that sub grouping the music and fx into smaller areas would help pointing out working direction.

-bla bla bla
-elevator music :P

anyway.. its still 0.3.. for an artist its maybe easier to have a group where he thinks his track belong..

anyway.. this long boring start of an text was NOT my intention..
i have not made any preview of game music.. since i found this webpage 05.30 in the morning... but i have some old tracks i have made just as "showoff" :P.

Sky Walk This track was my attempt to define the the feel it was to walk above a city.. on a sky walk.. rather.. werid stuff actually :P

Buy my rumors okay.. this one is weird.. maybe intressting.. it all boils down to taste :P kind of hard to define... but may diffrents moods.. in one

Mind Transplantation Well.. this about a mind escape... in other words.. day dream.. where the ambience around you just vanish as you dive into your drive...

Soundtrack from Barkebilleboogie
Okay.. this is just pure euroTrance.. (i dont even like it).. but dont underrest what a vocal can do to the final product... this was created to a pc demo.. its my wife that sings...

Time Machine 05 Breakbeat track made for another demo... rather fastpaced..

Anyway... just explore the rest of the tracks on the links.. if you feel in the mood :P

okay.. anyway.. i need to get some kind of.. acceptance that there is some kind of use for me.. it looks like its a rather huge project, music wise.. and that sevral artists can create the diffrent races.. just becase of the wast diffrences between...

anyway.. i am intressted in creating all kind of music for this game.. if any use.. its a rather high standard on what i have heard until now...

this posts seems to never end.. so ..

ahh.. btw.. most content is copyrighted to me except some movie samples (thanks holywood)..

another short thing.. i do not share out my project files.. i could if you are genuine intrested in looking into it.. but they are build up by mixed down audiotracks all over... and gets rather huge :). they are made in sonar (for now). (they vary from 300mb to ~1gb each finished project).. so.. no .mid file from me.. sorry :(

Re: New kid in town (music to come?)

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 9:32 am
by Geoff the Medio
ehasting wrote:ahh.. btw.. most content is copyrighted to me except some movie samples (thanks holywood)..
This is likely to be a problem...

My understanding is that for music to be used in FO, you have to release it under one of the Creative Commons licenses (probably BY-SA or BY-NC-ND. I'm not sure if a final decision has yet been made ... care to clarifly LM? There are arguments against NC...)

If you're using samples from commerial / copyrighted works, you presumably don't own copyright on the samples and thus presumably can't release them under a license of your choice.

So... could you clearly specific why tracks are entirely your own work, or which are using samples have the rights to release, and which aren't? There's not much point in listening / commenting unless this is done clearly...

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:19 pm
by ehasting
As i said.. this is tracks i have been making before.. and its not meant for the game. a game like this needs new music. so you do NOT have to worry about holywood or anything.

it was just music i have been making.. and was ment as a showcase.. and thats all.

i just found out about this game few hours ago.. and have not had the chance to make music targeted to the game at all :).
But i also wanted to hear if there is any use for music.. or if there is enough people making all ready.. etc etc etc :).

you dont have to listen to the music at all.. you could wait untill i have made something spesific.. but again.. i dont want to waist a lot of time infront of the sequencer finding out its no use for music from me :). (i can understand if the tracks get dumped because of bad quality.. but if they get dumped because there was allready enough.. its a bit hopeless :P)


Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:34 pm
by Geoff the Medio
Ah, ok, sorry, I should have read my carefully.

LithiumMongoose can give the official word on this, but I don't think anything you submit would be rejected due to its niche being filled. There certainly is a long-term need for music, though it is arguably a polish issue that will be more important nearer to v1.0.

Right now, I'd suggest focusing on mood / background map music, battle music, and perhaps a rousing but not cheesy main title theme.

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 9:00 pm
by pd
I've listend to everything and really like most of it. I don't like 'Soundtrack from Barkebilleboogie', but only because I don't like trance in general.(I prefer minimal and deep house). This is your wife singing? That's freaking cool :)

I'm really curious about what you will do for fO.

Welcome to the project.

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 10:10 pm
by ehasting
Well.. i would like to create music :). anything whats needed.. i know things are rather open.. so.. i guess i will start to just make some stuff that i might think will fit :P

i would also be intressted in working with race spesific music and sound "Schemas" if there is going to be such. :P (type of instrument, sound, ambience, color to the music, etc for each race)

and regarding the trance.. i agree.. it was more.. music that fitted the demo.. then music that fitted my taste :P.. i will never make any trance for this game.. so you can relax there.. (i usualy do not make eurotrance.. i did some psy.trance before.. )

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 12:18 am
by LithiumMongoose
Geoff: As I said in the sticky a while back I was successfully swayed away from -ND. (One response to the article you pointed out actually said that -ND was the "real evil", not -NC. :)

And yeah you're right Geoff, I don't see any need or reason to turn down good stuff as long as it fits; we can always pick randomly from a pool of suitable tracks for any given situation, and/or loop through them sequentially. *** If the user wants to sit and listen to cool music for 10 minutes during a 30-second Saurian Diplomacy Session, I'm all for making that possible, personally. :) ***

I like Sky Walk. The "synth string" synth in the beginning rubs me the wrong way, but once it disappears around 0:48 I'm happy. I actually need to find out how to make the sound of your main synth that starts at 1:00, myself. (Sometimes I'm a noob at audio heh.) The percussion sounds just a little 'low-bit-rate' or 'low-quality-synths' or something but it's a minor quibble. The overall structure and feel is quite nice, reminds me a little of Halo music, might want to use this track actually, though it'd have to be an upbeat background thing for a specific race probably, and I'm not sure how well it'd fit in.

I like Barkebilleboogie too, except for the intro... and the male voices in the back half. Heh. I definitely like the genre so no problem there, and could maybe see this sort of thing cropping up for a specific race or two, but that might irrevocably offend certain ppl like PD so I dunno. :)

Mind Transplantation, eh, there's some really REALLY high-pitch sounds in a few places that drive me up a tree, and I'd change a few of the synths if it were me, and probably slow the whole tempo down, in which case you'd have a nice background track I think, but it's not bad.

Buy My Rumors starts off reminding me of Chrono Trigger for some reason I can't place... then the steam-related sounds ruin it. :p Yep, could definitely do without most of the extra random sounds in this one, and again slow it down for a nice background effect.

Time Machine, to me, is jarring and difficult to listen to. Nothing against you, I just find it unpleasant.

So yeah I would absolutely say stick around based on all this. Just be aware FO is not the fastest-moving object in the universe, so it'll be helpful to be patient with it (and us) if you plan on putting in a lot of work. The end result will hopefully be well worth it though. :)

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 1:55 am
by ehasting
I will linger around.. try to make some tracks that might work...

thanks for feedback.. even though i actually never ment to target it to the game.. but if it works.. hey.. no problem for me :P. i guess the reason my drums always get a bit gritty is because i just love them the gritty way.. so i mudd them up. to geta more.. hmm.. dirty feel.. the opposit of pure technical studio polished music :P. barkebilleboogie was made for a demo.. so the music matched the content.. making it rather wird for a listening only experience.

the synth at 1:00 is.. at my guess (since i dont remember). a saw (osc1) mixed with a pulse modulated wave.. proably with lfo sticking to pitch one one the oscillators.. and slight fine-detune from eachother to widen the sound.. then its all up to amplitdue envelope and filter envelope.. i think it was made on the Waldorf Q/mQ or maybe the nord modular.. i bet you my old underwear that i dont have that patch on my synths anymore :P

Interesting audio

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 6:08 pm
by guiguibaah
Hey there - your music tracks are nice to listen to. The samples you are using sound very sharp and crisp - I take it you are using a 24 bit audio decoder / sampler with 24 bit audio samples?

Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 9:01 pm
by ehasting
Hey,. yea.. thanks for the words :)

i record in 24bit 48khz. And do a audio mixdown of each track in the sequencer before rendering.

Drums are sometimes samples.. and they are often 16bit.. but when i make my own i use 24bit.