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Re: Terraforming costs v fractional production—new system ne

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:42 am
by Dilvish
dbenage-cx wrote:
Dilvish wrote:It seems to me it could be possible to just have the C++ enumeration as generic types
I feel the real functionality desired here is the ability to define (a variable number of) planet types at runtime. (e.g. BuildingType, PartType).
I am not understanding where you see the lack.

Regarding "variable number" the enumerated "raw" types would be up to some maximum number (say, 10 times larger than anything you think anyone would actually want to do) and only the number of types actually specified via scripting would be usable. And even the enumerated raw types aspect is not really necessary, but would simply mean a lesser amount of code change.

Other than "variable number", which is now explicitly discussed, how is the scriptable definition I had already talked about not exactly "define... at runtime"?

Re: Terraforming costs v fractional production—new system ne

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:29 pm
by Dilvish
Dilvish wrote:Vezzra ... claiming it for himself. Sorry, but what can I do? Sometimes he's just like that.
I think I didn't put enough winks and smiley's into that post, so just to clarify for any newcomers who don't really know Vezzra yet, or just anyone for whom my humor was too quirky, I was just fooling around putting some extra words into Vezzra's mouth, he's really not "just like that" at all. :oops: :D

Re: Terraforming costs v fractional production—new system ne

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:25 pm
by Vezzra
labgnome wrote:
Dilvish wrote:edit: p.s. labgnome, reading the thread a bit more, I notice that it looks like Vezzra really should have credited you with the idea rather than claiming it for himself. Sorry, but what can I do? Sometimes he's just like that.
I'm not too upset, I mean I like the idea, so I'm more interested in seeing that people who can actually do programing are interested in it. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if both of us had be mulling the possibility for just as long.
Erm, as Dilvish mentioned himself in the meantime, that was a joke anyway. I mean, it's commendable that you wouldn't have been upset if I actually had tried to pass your idea as mine (something I'd never do of course :mrgreen:). But please don't take this particular statement of him seriously... ;)

Otherwise I'd really have to be worried. I mean, he did threaten to send assassins after me once. That too was a joke of course... at least I think it was... Dilvish??? :shock:


Ok, on a more serious note, you're actually right, the idea to make things like planet types scriptable had crossed my mind in the past. I haven't given it much thought though. But I do think that it's an interesting idea.

Re: Terraforming costs v fractional production—new system ne

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 12:26 pm
by Ophiuchus
Oberlus wrote:
Vezzra wrote:
Dilvish seems to me that this multiplicity of terraforming options would perpetually take up a lot of space in the BuildDesignatorWnd. I think that is a nontrivial difference, and makes an extra building like the terraforming-outpost worthwhile in order to avoid that clutter.
Hm, I can see where that's probably a matter of personal preference - to me having 9 buildings instead of one doesn't feel like a big issue. And as a player I'd rather have the flexibility to choose which planet type I want to terraform to without having to decide on a species yet.

But that's just me.
I too. I have no problem at all hiding buildings unless I need to build something, and then there is already enough different buildings to force you browse in the list. So adding 9 new terraforming buildings will not be a problem for me.
I personally like to keep the interface from cluttering, so having always nine extra options in the build menu is a problem for me. I propose adding yet another building which gates the build of the terraforming buildings. So the planet type target buildings are only shown in the build menu if you have the "global ecosystem destabilizer" building built or on the build queue. Or you could call it "special global operations office" if one wants to use it to gate other buildings but terraforming. This building is basically like: show me the verbose options for this planet.

If you like, a destabilized planet without target building could randomly choose left or right the along the environment wheel for transformation.

That uncontrolled destabilization could also be an earlier tech and the target buildings would be unlocked later, one could also make a certain planet type harder to create by terraforming (i.e. more research necessary for targeting e.g. terran planet type) for balancing the species.