Clouds on Gas Giants and other Sly ideas

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Re: Clouds on Gas Giants and other Sly ideas

#16 Post by Ophiuchus » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:40 am

Oberlus wrote:I think there is an error in the wiki:
I can't find any condition in GRO_SUBTER_HAB to limit its effect to good and adequate environments, plus the description says Subterranean Habitation affects all environments.
Jip, went one line to low.. should have been Gro_Planet_Ecol. Fixed it. Thank you for catching this
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Re: Clouds on Gas Giants and other Sly ideas

#17 Post by labgnome » Thu Feb 15, 2018 12:18 am

So I don't know that having them as specials, or tying growth tot stealth is a good idea.

However I do think that having multiple gas-giant types, like with the regular planets, is probably a good idea if we are going to have gas-giant species. Otherwise their abundance is just way too high, especially combined with their size. Mind you I also think that variable sized gas giants are a good idea as well. Having a range of sizes that at least dipped down into the ranges of the other plants would nerf their inherent size-based bonus a bit. However that would be a much bigger project than what's currently going on.
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