Armour plating balancing

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Re: Armour plating balancing

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Bigjoe5 wrote:I can take a look at this patch this afternoon if eleazar hasn't taken care of it by then.
Sounds good! :)

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Re: Armour plating balancing

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- Patch by yandonman
-- Makes Neutronium Extraction dependent on Stellar Tomography.

- Patch by unjashfan
-- Changed the RP cost of almost all armours so that it more or less scales with armour strength
-- Slightly nerfed the zortrium plating
-- Added a mid-level armour plating: Diamond armour plating (with the idea to refer to rich minerals)
-- Commented out the aggregate asteroid hull unlock from asteroid reformation
-- Rock armour plating's description now links to Asteroid Reformation Processor
-- Removed all references to speed penalties in the descriptions
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