What to do with the Transpatial Hull?

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What to do with the Transpatial Hull?

#1 Post by MatGB » Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:48 am

The more I look through the ship hulls, stats, parts, etc, the less and less I like the Transpatial. It does *nothing* useful, it's incredibly expensive to research and its incredibly expensive building is also a prerequisite for the actually uesful Logistics Facilitator.

It is, basically, a Compressed Energy Hull without the speed and stealth, it only has one slot, can't have shields, etc. As it stands, it's a pointless waste of space.

But, there is space within the robotics line for something in that research slot. And we've the art, the name, etc.

Any ideas?

If no one comes up with something I'm almost certainly going to comment it out when I finish the costs revision patch I'm working on.
Mat Bowles

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