Bombardment sitreps

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Bombardment sitreps

#1 Post by MatGB » Wed Jun 24, 2015 2:24 am

Two things.

1) I love The Silent One's work here for sitrep icons for them, far better than the current red line, however as far as I can see they're generated in the backend code, I can't find anything for them in anything in default, as a) I can't read the backend very well and b) I said I'd never touch it anyway, can someone add these icons and link them properly?

2) I dislike the placement of the bombardment sitreps currently, to me they're "combat" and should be with other combat reports, the only possible exception is for my own, owned planets being bombarded, which might be a high priority so a) does anyone object if I move them down to other combat reports and b) is it possible to split up "empire bombardments" into "my planets bombarded" and "enemy planets bombarded"? If the latter is possible, then my stuff being attacked could be at the top whereas "our fleets are doing their jobs" can be with the other fight related stuff.
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