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Oops of the day

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:41 pm
by MatGB
OK, so, on Saturday I found a minor bug and with Morlic's help fixed it in my working branch.

Switched to master, pushed to origin and logged off for the day.

Sunday, I was ill, so I didn't touch the PC. Today, I have been back, reloaded my test game and played multiple turns. I kept getting a weird AI error message but it was for a nearly-defeated empire that I couldn't see so I didn't look into it (still recovering from being ill, bughunting not as much fun).

Then, I got my warfleet into orbit around the homeworld and actually clicked on it. It was a bunch of almost dead Radons using the Human icon. Yup, I'd forgotten to switch back to my working branch (which contains the Species Mix work as well as a LOT of other stuff, mostly not mine for testing). So the weird error message was "hey, this species doesn't exist, what gives".

Switched back to the correct branch, reloaded and now it's good. Randomly, it's the only species I've made changes to that exists in the game so we're mostly good.

Must remember to make sure I'm on the right branch before I load an old game.