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#1 Post by Gargamel » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:13 pm

Just some random thoughts I have. Bear with me as my brain fart evolves here.

Obviously, in my mind at least, they are based on Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis, SGU, etc, that universe).

I think it would be cool to include (as an option during galaxy creation) ancient stargates, a couple few of them, scattered around the galaxy. Discoverable like ancient ruins and the like.

If you discover one, and haven't researched the tech yet, you'd get a significant bonus towards unlocking the tech (50%?). Of course you'd still need to get the pre reqs, but once you get there, it will be much easier to get.

If you don't have the tech, you could still set the focus to stargate 'send', but you would have no control over which of the pre made random stargates you'd end up at. You wouldn't have the ability to set it to 'receive' yet though, so controlling where you end up is still random. And after using the stargate, there would be like a 5 turn cool down before you could use it again. That way it wouldn't be that good for invasion, just random exploration.

And maybe there could be a feature that would be added to a lower tech level, that would allow the 'send' and 'receive' focus. Discovering a gate would have the bonus applied to this tech. The normal gate tech would still be required to build new gates.

If you, or an enemy, sent a ship through a gate without having a 'receiving' gate set, it would be random between the preplaced gates. This may cause you to have a 'backdoor' in defenses, but once you have two gates established, and can set the direction of the gates, those two (or more) gates would be considered 'connected'. Just like in the SG world, if you maintain an active gate, incoming connections would be refused, so you could 'lock' the backdoor.

Once you unlock the tech that allows you to build gates, it would allow you to turn off the random part of it, automatically refusing connections from gates you do not control. Any of the premade gates that you control would act like normal gates at this point.

And while these may provide a sort of beachhead to the player that discovers one first, it wouldn't be connected to the supply lines (unless it would be normally), so you could send troops, but not help it's production.

Just some random thoughts to add some variety to the game.

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