Beat the AI without ever building an armed ship

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Beat the AI without ever building an armed ship

#1 Post by swaq »

I just played a game today where I won by researching the Singularity of Transcendence and never invaded a single enemy planet or even ever built a single armed ship.

Game settings:
140 systems
High planet density
Low specials
No monsters (probably wouldn't make a difference though)
No natives
Maniacal AI difficulty (6 enemy AI empires)
Species: Sly
Everything else random

As a challenge to myself I decided to see if I could survive and win by relying on stealth. I focused everything on research and stealth technology and found it super easy to stay ahead of the AI. The first enemy AI didn't even research Neutron Scanner until around turn 170. As an added layer of difficulty I only colonized gas giants (with the exception of a computronium moon planet on turn 222 to speed things up a bit). To colonize stealthily I used Bubble Hull, then Symbiotic + cloaking (fuel ended up being a problem with this one), and Protoplasmic + cloaking + fuel. It's pretty cool just being able to ignore every enemy ship on the map. I set every colony to research except for one (gotta reap the benefits of the production techs somewhere).

I ended up winning on turn 258. At that point I had ~3k RP and the game was starting to run slow from all the AI ships and stuff. I could have won a few turns earlier if I hadn't researched all the weapon/armor tech too but I wasn't sure if I would pivot later and want to use it (or if Experimentors might show up). I also built gas generators on every colony which was pretty much completely useless with my self-imposed restrictions. I imagine this would work with Etty or maybe even a non-stealth bonus species since the AI is so bad about researching detection techs.

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Re: Beat the AI without ever building an armed ship

#2 Post by Oberlus »

GG! :lol:
The AI's that are "winning" a game could certainly used some extra priority on detection techs when facing stealth-focused empires (or just when having nearby hidden planets that can't conquer if there is no immediate threat).

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