Adapting the VegaStrike engine for FreeOrion

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Adapting the VegaStrike engine for FreeOrion

#1 Post by SharkD »

I've been reading the roadmap in the wiki; and, according to it you're at the stage where you're developing a 3D engine for combat resolution. I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding adapting the VegaStrike engine for these purposes.

Conversely, VegaStrike is in need of a dynamic universe (sort of a behind-the-scenes RTS where the player is limited to a single viewpoint)--the main difference being that VS also requires a detailed economic model (which is lacking in FreeOrion).

I'm not very experienced with 'real' programming languages, so forgive me if this seems audacious.

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#2 Post by Wolverine »

If you ever played VegaStrike you should know that it's almost unplayable, it's quite boring in fact and the engine is so badly written they're rewriting it using OGRE3D. And by the way. VegaStrike is vast in amount of space it occupies on HDD.
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#3 Post by ewh02b »

ouch...that's gotta hurt. :lol:

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#4 Post by Aquitaine »

At this point we aren't really willing to consider using a 3rd party application, though I suppose if the right one came along and made us all go 'rooawr?' then we'd consider it. but it'd have to be that specific sound.
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#5 Post by charlieg »

I'm an admirer of the VS project, but using the VS engine to provide the 3D for FreeOrion would be like using a pneumatic drill to add the finishing touches to a piece of furniture. Not only is it complete overkill, the results would probably be worse for more effort than doing it yourselves.

I would, though, recommend looking at something like OGRE, Crystal Space, or Irrlicht which would handle the 3D "hard stuff" for you.

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#6 Post by Geoff the Medio »

charlieg wrote:I would, though, recommend looking at something like OGRE...
I believe that is tzlaine's plan.

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