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Re: introducing ourselves

#76 Post by Flatline »

Damn, I REALLY like them, how did you do that? :D

(I know, this is gonna start the usual how-do-I-learn-to-draw topic but... I do want to learn to draw :mrgreen:)
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Re: introducing ourselves

#77 Post by Holy_bricklayer »

Héhé thanks :)

Well it's just speed painting, i'm a beginner in it, really. I used Gimp ( i'm under ubuntu, i use only free soft which should be ok for the license and all ) and my "graphic pen" ( i don't know the english word, but you know, wacom and all :p ), some different brush and that's all :)

You can see more of my work in my blog, which are more representative of what i do now ( those one are quite old ).

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Re: introducing ourselves

#78 Post by pd »

Hey, welcome to the project. The speedpaints are looking promising.
Just a small note: the software you are using has nothing to do with the license we use. You don't have to use free software to release the content you create freely.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#79 Post by Stanislav »

I am Stanislav from Sarajevo, Bosnia. Great fan of MOO series.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#80 Post by Josh »

Hmm. I've never posted here before.

I'm Josh, and I'm on the FO graphics team. :shock:

I'm also a vegetarian; not a strict vegetarian, I eat beef and pork. Chicken too, but I can't eat fish, can't eat something that smells like a dumpster when it's fresh. About the best compliment you can give fish is that it doesn't taste like fish, but Salmon is okay, because it tastes like Chicken.

So anyways, that's really all you want to know about me...

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Re: introducing ourselves

#81 Post by Minras »


I'm 27/M from Tallinn/Estonia and a fan of strategy games (MO, Pax Imperia and alike)

Have a diploma in computer science (software engineering), but somehow ended up in the networking world. Anyway now I'm getting more into programming :) and would like to improve my C/C++. Learning by doing should be more fun, hope that some day i can say to have been involved with freeorion :)

One inconvenience that i ran into was that you can't tab through the menu items. Would like to take this as my first task. If you have any hints/ideas on this let me know.

Task1: compile freeorion from src - done
Task2: implement tabbing in menu -

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Re: introducing ourselves

#82 Post by Captain Rage »

Hello everybody!

I'm a 22 years old guy from Sweden who will give translating FreeOrion a try.
This is my first attempt to get involved with an open source project, but I have to say that FreeOrion looks very promising!
Trying to translate FreeOrion into Swedish.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#83 Post by Ramen4ever »


New member here. I recently played Master of Orion II and after finishing the game I searched for some more Orion Games. I ended up finding FreeOrion and after playing the single player twice I decided to join the forums to offer some constructive criticism. :wink:

I'm 20 and I live in Canada. The hopefully non-offensive image will easily allow most people to deduce that I'm a guy.

Well onto the search function. I'll attempt to refrain from reviving long dead topics but if push comes to shove I'll revive rather then create a new thread from scratch.


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Re: introducing ourselves

#84 Post by Gantolandon »

Hello there.

I'm a fan of 4X games. I liked Master of Orion 2 and Alpha Centauri the most. I also tried to play MoO3, but hostile interface made it a somewhat frustrating experience. I'm glad to see that somebody tries to make a suitable sequel to the series.

I'm a 23 years old student of computer science from Poland. My time is somewhat limited but I'd like to help as much as I can.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#85 Post by Cyber Killer »


I'm CK, and I'm a computer science student from Poland too ;-). I love MoO2 and wanted to contribute to this great project, so I just started a new Polish translation for the game, cause there is still a rather large fanbase of MoO2 players in Poland and I'm sure many of them would want to try FreeOrion.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#86 Post by MorbidG »

Hello I am Lethargic Chii, A.K.A the legendary Morbid G. Well, maybe not legendary, but, that would be nice, heh heh. I have just started downloading your latest release, and from the screenshots on these forums, and on your main page, I like what I see. I am 18, male, and I have photoshop experience, and I like experimenting with Sony Acid Pro 6, and GeForce Minimonsta. The last two programs are sound creating software. I've never really made much of anything worth noting when it comes to music, but, I did make a few songs with a space theme a year or so ago. I am willing to learn and I wish to make content for this game. As far as photoshop goes, I can post a few links to things I have done.



My main talent when it comes to photoshop is creating static images. I can make AD's, or web page images, or some (simple) concept art. I'm not much of an artist when it comes to drawing, but, I'm pretty good with making things from scratch in photoshop.

If I can't help in these areas, I do love to write short stories and what not. Maybe I can help create a backstory? Create some sort of plot if you decide to make a campaign? Or just simple ship, part, and technology descriptions. I can create some pretty entertaining descriptions.

And, when it comes to actually hand drawing things, this is the extent of my ability(From a project I worked on in highschool during art):

And here she is again redrawn and photoshop'd a bit

So, as you can see, my skills are probably minimal, but, I can learn and I can grow.
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Re: introducing ourselves

#87 Post by Danimoth »

Hi! 22/M/Athens. I have been a huge fan of the Orion games.

I probably wouldn't be able to help programming-wise, but i could translate the game to greek.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#88 Post by francys »

21/m/Trieste, Italy

CS / Bioinformatics student at UVic, Victoria, BC, Canada.
Great fan of MoO II, would love to contribute somehow, from programming to translating.

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Re: introducing ourselves

#89 Post by General_Zaber »

Seeing as I haven't actually done this yet I thought upgrading to ADSL2+ would be a good opportunity.

I'm 17/m living in Australia but I was born in the US, I plan on studying Computer Science there and my entire family is Polish. I've been tinkering with C++ for a while now and after finally upgrading from Dial Up, I really want to contribute to FO.

I don't know what'll happen after I download the SDK and fiddle with it on my XP box but I'm very eager to try and help with th Ogre integration (even though I have --no-- experience whatsoever)

Quick Interests: I love FPS (I have Killer Skills with Radiant), Sci Fi and any kind of game with tactical combat (mostly M2TW, but I can bear MoO3's flaws just to fight the battles) Come to think of it I consider myself a Tactician, therefore I also collect an army of Imperial Guard for WH40k.
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Re: introducing ourselves

#90 Post by Belcanzor »

41 years, male, BsAs, Argentina. Games.

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