All said and done?

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Space Krill
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All said and done?

#1 Post by cerati »

This game looks very promising and I hope it's successful. I was just wondering when it might be completed and ready for the public? :P

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Geoff the Medio
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Re: All said and done?

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio »

Time to finish the currently designed features and roughly-sketched-out future plans to reach "Version 1.0" will depend on how many contributors help, and how much work they do. A realistic estimate is several years at least.

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Re: All said and done?

#3 Post by OldMemory »

See this thread (link) for more detailed information.

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Re: All said and done?

#4 Post by stride »

*grudge alert*

I find input like that pointless. You show no respect for the people involved and the hours spent on this project. We must all remember that people have real lives, and also that members and founders is here on a voluntary basis. They are not a paid support staff ;)

So... if you need help or involvement from others, be polite and ask nicely. If you do not share someones opinion, remember to respect the other point of view, he has his reasons.

I wrote my first infinite "for-loop" 30 years ago, and have been involved in various projects and technologies ever since. If a project is broken I would know, and this one is not. Code is cool, graphics is cool, specs are great. A lot of high quality work and I suggest it's kept like that, even if it takes more time.

To me it appears that graphics is well covered, but more programmers might be needed. So... share your passion about this game; tell a friend if you think he will be able to contribute :)

*If you think something is broken help fix it*

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Re: All said and done?

#5 Post by charlieg »

I don't get the doom and gloom messages. Good Free Software game projects usually do take years to get to a polished stage. Just look at Freeciv or Flightgear.

What do I see (as the author of Free Gamer) when I look at Free Orion? A well thought out game vision, a step-by-step implementation of it to the point that there is a playable game already in 0.3.10, and regular releases. Short of getting a burst of additional contribution to complete some more gameplay aspects, this is a very healthy project.

Those people who anticipate a commercial quality game that should be completed in less than 5 years by volunteers are, sadly, naive. Ignore them. Those who won't help, they often complain because they are incapable of helping.
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Re: All said and done?

#6 Post by eleazar »

Cerati: just to clarify, the negative reaction is not towards you, but towards the troll "oldMemory", who for some reason (if he is who i think he is) keeps coming back and writing long posts to the effect that this project is dead and doomed.

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