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#1 Post by Underling »

Do we have any update on how the Ogre integration is going? Any estimate on when an Ogre tech demo or mainline update will be ready?

I know quite a bit of work has been going on for 0.4, but little of that is visible to the public. Any info you can provide would be appreciated.

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Re: update?

#2 Post by tzlaine »

Yeah, sorry about the long silence. Check out my dev blog thread.

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Re: update?

#3 Post by Josh »

Dude, we really need more ogre programmers. Btw, if your an ogre programmer, give us a hand?

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Re: update?

#4 Post by charlieg »

Somebody probably needs to ask in the Ogre forums - and/or submit a 'help wanted' advert on Sourceforge
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