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#16 Post by Sandlapper »

I'm not sure if it's suppose to or not, but I can only drag and drop a ship to merge with another fleet by opening a new fleet to merge to, then double-click on fleet with ship(s) I want to move, which opens a second new fleet window(on top of first one, have move out the way every time), then it allows me to drag and drop. Would be nice to drag from original fleet menu(I can't)

How do you pull up the main screen menu to exit? I'm running fullscreen.

Edit: Found this, sorry.

* In game menu doesn't work - click on the starmap once first, and after that F10 should bring up an in game menu. The window needs focus first

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#17 Post by leiavoia »

i just single click (IIRC) and that puts the fleet selection in focus. no need to double click.

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#18 Post by vorenhutz »

-On windows 2000 (with directx 9.0b if that matters) only the background of the map window is displayed (no planets, fleets or planet names).
-If freeorion.exe crashes, the server and AI clients have to be shut down manually - maybe they should quit if there are no more human players on the server?
-I'm not sure but I don't think the source will compile in dev-cpp with the current (GiGi needs to be rebuilt, I tried but it's hard for a peon like me).
Looks promising :)

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#19 Post by Tyreth »

utilae wrote: Pretty cool anyway, buggy as hell, but nice. The main problem is that alot of it is not very responsive. Meaning, that most controls (buttons, etc) do not work 9 times out of 10.
I'm wondering if your problem is related to the mouse offset, and the 1/10 times it does work is because you are clicking lower on the button? Try running in full screen mode and see if it's different for you..

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#20 Post by Shadow Knight »

First I must say Wow. For a version 0.1 release this is quite stable, kudos to the the programmers.

Some things I noticed:

If you are using a small galaxy (50 stars), the screen doesn't adjust for its size. I know you can zoom in and out, but what I am talking about is that on a small galaxy there is a whole bunch of empty space, sized I would gather for the largest galaxy. It would be nice if this could be scaled in a way that would reduce all that wasted space at maximum zoom.

There seems to be a massive amount of Gaia planets, I have encountered on several occassions multiple gaia planets in one star system (sometimes in multiple star systems also).

Also the home systems don't yet seem to balanced, or if it is just not in this early version. I don't know if your planning this or not, but some limits should be thrown in if it is not eventually done. For example one test game I played one home system started with 2 terran planets, one gaia, and an ocean. While another started with just the one terran, this would give that one player (in this case an AI) an immense early advantage.

The system screen (where it shows all the planets) needs a close screen button, it is rather annoying to have to click on an empty patch of space to get it to close, particularly if you are in a view that has the stars in a rather dense field.

The fleet screen that pops up when you click on the fleet icon (which needs to have a larger clicking field to open, because typically I get the planet screen instead of the fleet screen) it pops up in the middle, it would be nicer if like the planet screen it opened up on the right side. It is bothersome to constantly having to move it so I can tell my fleets where to move.

The build drop down UI for the planets need to have some sort of scroll ability so you can easily get to all the options. For the first few games I didn't even know you could build Mark I's until I came across it by accident.

The close screen (the little x's) on the fleet pop-ups needs to be larger. Typically I have to click several times to get them to close.

This doesn't happen every time but occassionally the game crashes when you move the last ship out of a newly created fleet.

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#21 Post by Yoghurt »

Another thing that should be done is this:
When selecting a system at the right of the screen, the Planetbar should pop-up at the left instead of the right.

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Re: FreeOrion 0.1 Issues thread

#22 Post by Starrh »

Tyreth wrote:Hi,

With the now released 0.1 version, I thought it useful to create a thread of the known issues so people don't post them multiple times. Please check here first, and if you find something that's not listed here, then add it to the thread!

Known issues:

* Mouse is offset a bit. Try running fullscreen to solve this
Just in case you folks did not notice this related to the screen resolution. In windowed game mode in 1280x1024 there is no problem that I could tell. Window game mode in 1024x768 slight off set. Window game mode in 800x600 huge offset like an inch off.
Tyreth wrote: leiavoia:
- IMHO the fleet box mouseover effect is distracting and would be better replaced by just a hard click with no mouseover. But that's just me. (it can present problems either way)
This I found a bit distracting also.
Tyreth wrote: Just a reminder that this is a pre-release, and so such bugs are expected. We just wanted you all to have something to play with and work with, so you know that there is real code that works. Now work begins on 0.2!
Thankyou very much! :D

Another issue if you start a FO in windows mode and your resolution is not big enough the turn button is not on the screen and there is no way to get to it. Also ran the game on my laptop with no mouse wheel is there a way to zoom in and out other then the mouse wheel? Tried the arrow keys also the plus and minus keys is there a combination I am missing :?:
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#23 Post by Yoghurt »

vorenhutz wrote:-I'm not sure but I don't think the source will compile in dev-cpp with the current (GiGi needs to be rebuilt, I tried but it's hard for a peon like me).
Copy the include directory from the tarball to the Source-directory as GG/include
Copy the GiGi*.dll files to the source-directory

This should do it

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#24 Post by Daveybaby »

I dont know why i did this, but if you hold down the mouse button (to scroll the map) and scroll the mouse wheel (to zoom) at the same time, the zooming goes completely mental - all over the place.
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#25 Post by Aquitaine »

I dont know why i did this
You obviously have the 'playtester' gene in you somewhere. :)
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#26 Post by utilae »

The game generates alot of logs, that take up like 1.75 Mb after 2 turns.

Also, there is no way to figure out which fleet or homeworld is mine.

When I right click on a colony ship, then on an uncolonised planet, the game crashes.

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some problems

#27 Post by miu »

Don't know if this has been noted anywhere so far and it might be my machine which been acting bet unstable recently, but I'll say it anyway. When I'm starting the game, it crashes during galaxy generation giving errormessage: "The instruction at "0x00852b67" referenced memory at "0x068ab7e8" The memory could not be "read". " Sometimes it goes trough as far as showing starfield and nebulas but not showing any graphs for stars or interface (though the turn button seems to work still) It does work well if I run the probram as first program after reboot. Well, I hope this is caused by the software or bizarre driver issue rather than faulty memorychip ;)


(ps. I'm back :))
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hot keys?

#28 Post by oogs »

is there a list of hotkeys? so far i've figured out that F10 is for the game menu and F2 is for sit-reo... but i'm sure there's more out there.

also, it is normal for the game to use 99% of my CPU all the time? i'm running FO windowed.

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#29 Post by noelte »

Yoghurt wrote:Another thing that should be done is this:
When selecting a system at the right of the screen, the Planetbar should pop-up at the left instead of the right.
Funny, i recognized the same problem, but didn't see this simple solution.
oogs wrote:also, it is normal for the game to use 99% of my CPU all the time? i'm running FO windowed.
It's known, will be fixed.


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Display discrepancies?

#30 Post by Underling »

First off, Bravo!

I've been lurking for months and recently started to get more active on the board now that I have more free time.

I wanted to ask about something I noticed with FO. The graphics I see in game don't quite match those I see posted in the screenies. Everything displays well, except for the nebulas which don't have smooth color transitions. Often, it looks like a nebula several hundred pixels in size only has three or four shades of color resulting in an efect closer to a topography map (elevations) than to the smooth and well done graphics I see in other screen caps.

Here are my specs:

P4 2.0 Ghz
256 MB sdram
GeoForce 4 MX420 - 64MB video card
Nvidia driver from 10/2003
32 bit color in 1024 x 768 display
Win XP Home edition SP1

Any ideas?

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