Combat resolution

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Combat resolution

#1 Post by Tonnoman »

So ive recently gotten into the game again, and i just realized i've got no idea how the combat resolution system works. Ive checked the pedia, the in-game one as well as the online one, and couldnt find an answer. This question came up after i realized a ship with three atack can destroy a ship with 5 hp in one turn. None of this really makes sense to me, so i'm hoping to get an explaination.

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Re: Combat resolution

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The in-game combat report should explain what happens in combat in fairly good detail...
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Re: Combat resolution

#3 Post by defaultuser »

There are three combat rounds per turn. Most ships participate in all three rounds, although some things with fighters and stealth are different, as I recall. So a regular ship versus ship would have your example one doing up to 9 damage absent shields. So a ship with 5 structure would be destroyed after the second combat round.

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