Beige Goo is not allowed to supply

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Beige Goo is not allowed to supply

#1 Post by zarquan »

I was playing a game as a robotic species (v0.4.10.1) when I encountered a Beige Goo planet with Ambient Superconductors, a growth modifier I did not have at the time. So, I conquered the planet, but I found that I could not set the planet to supply focus. There is nothing in the description that implies that I am not allowed to set a supply focus. Is this a bug?

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Re: Beige Goo is not allowed to supply

#2 Post by Geoff the Medio »

Based on the scripts, at least in master, Beige Goo should have Logistics Focus available, once Interstellar Logistics is researched. ... cs.txt#L14 ... os#L47-L58

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Re: Beige Goo is not allowed to supply

#3 Post by Oberlus »

Beige Goo doesn't have the Growth focus, which is the one used to export specials like Ambient Superconductors to supply-connected planets.
The Logistics focus mentioned by Geoff is only to increase reach of supply lines but not to export specials.

You'll have to remove Beige Goo from that planet and populate it with any other species that has the Growth planetary focus (almost any other species).

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Re: Beige Goo is not allowed to supply

#4 Post by defaultuser »

Yeah, I was going to say that it needs Growth not Supply. It is irritating when a growth special is on a world with a non-growth species, but that's one of the game features. You could evac and replace, but that's probably not a good idea with Beige Goo.

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