Linux Static Version Segfault - From IRC

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Linux Static Version Segfault - From IRC

#1 Post by Geoff the Medio » Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:15 pm

Just had an unsuccessful support session on IRC, which I thought I should post here for future reference. The interesting part starts around 11:57, but I've kept it all just in case...

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[11:42]	<sisbro>	hi everybody
[11:42]	<sisbro>	someone to help me ?
[11:43]	<sisbro>	when launch freeorion I have the message : freeorion-start: line 61: 3072 Erreur de segmentation ${STRACE} ./freeorion --settings-dir ./default $@
[11:44]	<tank_>	sisbro: you have to change something, wait a moment
[11:44]	<tank_>	sisbro: where did you get the nightly build from?
[11:45]	<tank_>	sisbro: open the file "freeorion" with a text editor and replace --settings-dir with --resource-dir
[11:45]	<sisbro>	oki
[11:45]	<sisbro>	taken from
[11:45]	<tpb>	Title: Index of / (at
[11:47]	<GeofftheMedio>	kroddn supposedly fixed this quite recently.
[11:47]	<sisbro>	main() caught exception(std::runtime_error): Option "--resource-dir", could not be found.
[11:47]	<GeofftheMedio>	if you get freeorion_rev3198_i386_static.tar.gz from the nightly folder, it should be fixed...
[11:47]	<GeofftheMedio>	you appear to be using 3072
[11:48]	<GeofftheMedio>	although I don't see that available for download...
[11:49]	<GeofftheMedio>	maybe that 3072 doesn't mean what I thought
[11:49]	<GeofftheMedio>	in your error message, I mean
[11:52]	<sisbro>	I use freeorion_rev3102_i386_static.tar.gz 2
[11:52]	<GeofftheMedio>	try 3198
[11:52]	<GeofftheMedio>	the problem you're seeing has been there for a few weeks, but didn't get fixed until 3198
[11:53]	<sisbro>	ok, thanks, I will try
[11:53]	<GeofftheMedio>	I'm not sure why making that edit didn't work, though
[11:53]	<GeofftheMedio>	do please report back about whether 3198 works.
[11:54]	<tank_>	GeofftheMedio: well, here it worked;)
[11:54]	<GeofftheMedio>	it might be an unrelated problem.
[11:54]	<tank_>	i had 3197
[11:54]	<sisbro>	3198 is on the road
[11:54]	<GeofftheMedio>	before editing 3197, was your error message about a segmentation fault, or about the settings-dir not being a valid option?
[11:55]	<sisbro>	segmentation fault
[11:55]	<sisbro>	and it was 3102
[11:55]	<tank_>	sisbro: he talked to me;)
[11:55]	<tank_>	GeofftheMedio: no idea... that was yesterday:) afair segfault
[11:55]	<tank_>	GeofftheMedio: but i'm not sure
[11:56]	<GeofftheMedio>	(sisbro: I can read your error message from 10 minutes ago in the chat log...)
[11:56]	<tank_>	GeofftheMedio: sorry, just reedited it:
[11:56]	<tank_>	main() caught exception(std::runtime_error): Option "--settings-dir", could not be found.
[11:56]	<tank_>	main() failed config.
[11:56]	<tank_>	exception
[11:57]	<GeofftheMedio>	right. so sisbro's error is something different
[11:57]	<sisbro>	freeorion_rev3198_i386_static
[11:57]	<GeofftheMedio>	I'm guessing you'll have the segfault again after updating
[11:57]	<sisbro>	freeorion-start: line 61: 5985 Segmentation fault ${STRACE} ./freeorion --resource-dir ./default $@
[11:57]	<GeofftheMedio>	yay me.
[11:58]	<GeofftheMedio>	ok, what version of opengl does your graphics card support, and what vendor made it?
[11:58]	<sisbro>	not work more
[11:58]	<sisbro>	how can I see this ?
[11:59]	<GeofftheMedio>	can you find freeorion.log and ogre.log in ~/.freeorion
[11:59]	<tank_>	for vendor: "glxinfo | grep vendor" sould do it
[11:59]	<GeofftheMedio>	or that
[11:59]	<tank_>	versoin should be anywhere inside the glxinfo output also
[12:01]	<sisbro>	server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
[12:01]	<sisbro>	client glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
[12:01]	<sisbro>	OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
[12:02]	<sisbro>	server glx version string: 1.4
[12:02]	<sisbro>	client glx version string: 1.4
[12:02]	<sisbro>	GLX version: 1.3
[12:02]	<sisbro>	OpenGL version string: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 173.14.09
[12:02]	<GeofftheMedio>	hmm.
[12:02]	<GeofftheMedio>	can you post the last few lines of freeorion.log?
[12:03]	<GeofftheMedio>	GL > 2.0 should work fine, and NVIDIA drivers haven't been a problem as far as I recall
[12:04]	<sisbro>	2009-10-08 21:01:55,620 DEBUG Client : OpenAL initialized. Version 1.1Renderer OpenAL SoftVendor OpenAL Community
[12:04]	<sisbro>	2009-10-08 21:01:55,953 DEBUG Client : Limited FPS to 60
[12:04]	<sisbro>	2009-10-08 21:01:56,055 DEBUG Client : (HumanClientFSM) IntroMenu
[12:04]	<sisbro>	2009-10-08 21:01:56,055 DEBUG Client : (HumanClientFSM) IntroMenuIdle
[12:06]	<sisbro>	this is the file
[12:07]	<GeofftheMedio>	and this crashes right after you start the program? as in, you don't have to click any menus on the splash screen
[12:07]	<sisbro>	just after launch
[12:08]	<GeofftheMedio>	hmm. strange.
[12:09]	<GeofftheMedio>	have you ever had a previous version of freeorion installed? just in case, could you check if there's a config.xml in ~/.freeorion , and if there is, delete it and retry?
[12:09]	<sisbro>	no config.xml aleksil t aleksil ll
[12:09]	<sisbro>	no config.xml at all
[12:10]	<GeofftheMedio>	I don't know what else to suggest then...
[12:11]	<sisbro>	ok, I will see, see ya
[12:11]	|<--	sisbro has left ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")

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