Production bug in 6297

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Production bug in 6297

#1 Post by MiniMe »

It is reproducable:

1. Start a game
2. Add anything to production
3. Next turn
4. Add something else to production and queue it on top
5. That new item never finishes

In this screenshot i started producing a colony ship, found natives and added the troop ships. They will not finish:

Oops, just saw there already is a thread on this. Sorry.

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Re: Production bug in 6297

#2 Post by Herode »

Another version of this bug (I'm still on the 6297 build) :

Turn 95 :
free_orion_01.png (18.06 KiB) Viewed 427 times
The Industrial Center is completed, but not delivered (known bug).
Now, I switch the two blocks in the queue because it unlocks frozen items (known workaround).

Turn 96 :
Industrial Center has been produced on Winter I.
3x Drone Ig MD-4 have been produced at Mebsuta.

Is this bug known ? Do you need the zipped archives with those turns 95 and 96 ?

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Re: Production bug in 6297

#3 Post by Geoff the Medio »

The 6337 build was put up recently for OSX and Windows. Please test with that and post if the issue remains.

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