turns change slower and slower as the game progresses

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Re: turns change slower and slower as the game progresses

#46 Post by Vezzra » Sun Nov 13, 2016 12:28 pm

quantumimmortal wrote:I'm on 0.4.5 (i doubt the issues i described were alredy fixed.)
Actually, a lot of fixes for the lag problem, especially the GUI, went in for 0.4.6 (quote from the "Key Changes" section of the 0.4.6 changelog: "Many small additions/changes to GUI rendering, layout, functionality, customization options, and displayed information that collectively substantially improve usability, responsiveness, and system resource usage").

So it would be very important for us to know how the new release works for you, but you'd have to build FO 0.4.6 for yourself as apparently it isn't provided by the repo for your version of Ubuntu...

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