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Information warfare

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:47 am
by SkyCore
A large part of society and warfare is currently completely overlooked in freeorion: information dissemination and coordination. So heres a long list of suggested research technology and associated physical part:

Out Maneuvering- Enemy ships have a 7% chance to miss your ships which have a faster speed.

Advanced Targeting 1/2- Unlocks internal ship part: targeting computer/+. Reduces chance to miss by a flat 5% per level.

Tactics- Grants 5% attack for your ships and 4% chance for enemy attacks to miss.

Defensive Positions- While engaged in battle in a system which you control, enemies have an additional 5% chance to miss.

Command and control- Unlocks internal ship part: Command Quarters. Through military hierarchy, tactics can be deployed on a macro level for an even greater impact on the battlefield. All ships in a fleet which contains a C&C (Command and Control Quarters) gain an additional 5% attack and evasion.

Offensive Tactics 1, 2, 3- Your C&C grants an additional 4% damage for each level of Offensive Tactics.

Counter Tactics- Enemies lose half the bonuses granted by Tactics and C&C.

Comm Interception- Unlocks external ship part: Eavesdropper. Fleet gains 10% attack and a 10% chance to evade enemies under the effect of C&C.

Command injection- Unlocks internal ship part: Override. Issues commands to opposing forces under the guise of being their C&C. Enemies under the effect of C&C lose 10% attack and take 20% more damage.

Cryptography- Negates bonuses granted by opposing eavesdroppers and override.

Communications jamming- Unlocks external ship part: Jammer. Enemies engaged with this ship lose all bonuses granted by C&C. (Also negates Eavesdropper, Override, and Offensive Tactics bonuses for all sides of the battle)

Mass Media- Unlocks building: Global Broadcasting Center. The planet is satured in a few to many information network. This homogenizes the populace, allowing for greater control as well as increased happiness. +1 industry and +5% happiness.

Galactic Social Networking- Happiness and research is increased by 1 on all planets you control.

Counter Intelligence- Unlock Building: Intelligence Agency. Unlocks ship part: Agent. Intelligence agents are far more effective(and efficient) than ground troops for dominatation. They can only be produced on a system with an Intelligence Agency and when deployed they subvert the populace, turning planetary forces apon one another. Carries 1 agent, each of which subverts 2 enemy troops. An additional enemy troop is subverted if the Agent is telepathic or the planet has a Global Broadcasting Center. Note that agents do not directly engage in combat nor do racial ground troop bonuses apply to Agents.

Propaganda- Unlocks building: Communication Regulatory Commission. This building provides the oversight for Mass Media And Social Networking on this planet, focusing the attention of citizens by censoring distractions or undesireable truths; effectively doubling their respective bonuses.