AI report, one incidentr

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AI report, one incidentr

#1 Post by godel » Tue May 24, 2016 7:56 pm

So there I was...
The AI had beaten me. It had come from an underdog position, with research oriented to combat ships. It had better ships than I did even if I had 3x the research investment. It had taken my only black hole power station, and taken my main uppower ship building place. I had lost.
I have to have this happen sometimes, or I will not respect the AIs.
I dropped back 30 turns, changed to attacking that AI player. I had a fleet with offensive power of 200. AI had 400 attack points in (his) fleet.
I pounced on one after another of his planets, and changed my tech track to promote ship tech.

Now here is the strange part. He had retreated and was strongly protecting his capital's starsystem. At one point he could have pounced, destroyed my fleet with his. I was one starlane over. I would have lost again. But he did not. Protection was the highest priority. This on setting Maniacal.
Stupid AI.
And I have seen this again, in another game. Protection can lose, letting go can win.

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Re: AI report, one incidentr

#2 Post by defaultuser » Tue May 24, 2016 8:59 pm

There comes a point where the AIs, when under duress, go into that "turtle" mode. It takes a lot for them to break out of it. As you say, they will pass up good chances for short sallies out of the homeworld to destroy enemy forces even if pretty safe.

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Re: AI report, one incidentr

#3 Post by Kassiopeija » Tue May 24, 2016 10:27 pm

Well if the AIs could choose to go back a number of turns to simply replay until they win, they'd also have an easy time calling you out for stupidity ROFL :)

Seriously; replaying (or restarting until you get a descent starting position) in a TBS is a no-go: admit the defeat & start new game. A computer game is always best when still challenging.

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