Bonus Attack for AI

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Bonus Attack for AI

#1 Post by CaptainTofu » Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:14 am

Version 4.6
Searched the Forum for AI and Attack
Read ingame Pedia for Attack and AI
Glitch?: AI has massive unexplained attack bonus

On the following picture you see a ship with 2x Laser tier 1.
Pedia Attack: 10 x Race = 10 x Race = 14
Fleet Window Attack: 26
This applies to every ship in every system of that player.

Another AI player: Gysache. Also 2x Laser Tier 1.
Pedia Attack: 10 x Race = 6
Fleet Window Attack: 18
3 Battle Rounds 6x3 = 18? But how does this apply to the Ettin example?

My Ship: Chato. 4x Laser Tier 1.
Pedia Attack: 20 x Race = 20
Fleet Window Attack: 20
So I do not get the 3x multiplicator? I do not see the pattern here.
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Re: Bonus Attack for AI

#2 Post by Morlic » Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:22 am

Base damage of Laser: 5
Bonus per tech upgrade: 2

=> Laser damage with Laser IV researched = 11

Bad pilots => -1 tech level => -2 => 9 Damage. 2 Lasers => 18 damage

Good pilots => +1 tech level => +2 => 13 damage. 2 Lasers => 26 damage.

So no bugs or strange boni for the AI. Tooltip is indeed misleading though.
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Re: Bonus Attack for AI

#3 Post by MatGB » Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:45 pm

I'm guessing the Pedia tells you what you'd get if it were your ship, and you haven't researched the weapon refinement techs the AI has.

Refining your weapons is essential, it's a new feature for this release and replaces the old ship part upgrades, I hadn't before noticed what happens if the AI is ahead of you in that tech and you look up one of their ship designs.
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Re: Bonus Attack for AI

#4 Post by CaptainTofu » Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:52 pm

Seems legit. Thank you!
It is misleading, since you do not see the technology tier.

Off topic: @MatGB: I am going for aggressive expansion and cloaked colonies. He cannot spot me, while I am expanding undisturbed. His fleet is superior, but I strike where he is undefendet. As soon, as I control the system, everything is cloaked and untouchable. I am experimenting at the moment. If you have ideas, go ahead. I keep my eyes open for bugs, glitches and misleading stuff.

PS: I just saw, that the levels for weapons were removed. Now I understand, why it does not match up...I saw the weapons and thought it was level 1. Would it have been more advanced, it would be written there, right? Well now I know.

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