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Re: Shields

#16 Post by MatGB » Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:31 pm

Morlic wrote: I suppose nowadays we could use NoDefaultCapacityEffect to get rid of the subtracting of all the shields capacities. Then we order normal shield priority by strength so the strongest shield is used first and then use a stacking group to make sure no other shields are evaluated?
That would work I think, and be far far easier to read—IIRC I got completely confused and had to get you to walk me through what was going on at one point just to make a simple stats change, priority order is essentially designed to negate the need for this sort of thing.
No spontaneous idea how to simplify RIS though.
If necessary, they don't work if you've got other shields on the ship and are a waste of points, not ideal but it'd be far easier to script than most other solutions. Alternatively they always give a bonus to shields on top of existing shield effects, but the max bonus is reduced and the bonus per ship also reduced (alongside the PP cost, I never did balance them when I did the other shields).
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