Orbital Drydock Bug (v0.4.6)

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Orbital Drydock Bug (v0.4.6)

#1 Post by zarquan » Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:30 am

Hello. First of all, I really like the changes to the orbital drydocks. It makes conquests harder and gives the defenders an advantage.

Unfortunately, there is a minor bug involving more than one orbital drydock in a system. If there are two orbital drydocks in a system, but the closer planet has no population, the ships still try to repair there, even if the further planet has a fully functional drydock. I don't fully understand the mechanics at this point. I researched Advanced Damage Control, and the ships only seem to be repaired from that. I get the message:
"On Ephyse I: the Orbital Drydock is abandoned, there is no one left to assist in repairs of the ship Deer."

I ran the game a few more turns (avoiding my ships being repaired by Damage Control techs) and I got it to the point where the drydock at Ephyse I was functioning. I sent the ships to be repaired there, and I got this messge:
"On Ephyse II: the Orbital Drydock completed repairs on the Shale"

I don't understand the mechanics enough to attempt to diagnose anything.

I would attach the save file, but it is too big.

I am running FreeOrion v0.4.6 [build 2016-09-16.49f9123] MSVC 2013 on Windows 10.

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Re: Orbital Drydock Bug (v0.4.6)

#2 Post by LGM-Doyle » Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:55 am

Thanks for the bug report. I have created an issue on github for this using your own words. Please comment there.

Also in future, if you have a github account, you can create issues directly. You did all of the leg work, checking the forums, listing OS and build version etc. required to produce a perfect bug report.

Thanks again.

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