Fighters! Feedback needed

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Re: Fighters! Feedback needed

#61 Post by MatGB » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:17 am

I hope, over the next cycle, to do a proper costs balancing on all ship parts, which hasn't really been done at all before. When Vezzra committed the cost of 20 I'd been testing various values and found about 12 seemed right, but that's only in direct comparison to the current costs of all the other parts: I still think shields are slightly too expensive, and armour is ridiculously cheap, I'm not at all sold that I got the costs of the current fighter parts at all correct and the weapon costs overall are fairly arbitrary.

Then, of course, there're the other fighter parts we can/should implement, a core slot part is definitely needed, etc.

20 isn't over the top expensive, but I think it does put it on the expensive side: the change did stop the AI from building ships entirely kitted out with flak cannons, which was good on its own ;-)
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