Terraforming Cost

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Terraforming Cost

#1 Post by Goddog »

From the latest test build [build 2017-01-31.e5a110e]

I have just noticed that the cost of terraforming is drastically increased to 999k PP. (It used to be about 100 PP * planet size.) Is it intentional or just a bug?


Similarly, the cost to research Singularity of Transcendence is increased to 999k RP regardless of the number of systems in the galaxy.


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Re: Terraforming Cost

#2 Post by Scara »

Hey, had been playing again recently =) great develoment and lots of it! Like the fighters.
Had the same problems with 999k RP, and found it with the basic planetary cloaking as well.

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Re: Terraforming Cost

#3 Post by LGM-Doyle »

It is a bug. Thanks for reporting it.

The fix was merged today,
https://github.com/freeorion/freeorion/ ... 7b2ac29136,
and will show up in the next test build.

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