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SitRep scroll

#1 Post by Scara »

Hi there!
Thanks again for all the work spend on this game, fun to see and test the development!

One thing that is a bit annoying for some weeks now. I cann't exactly pinpoint the time it startet.
The scroller won't appear, often when it would be neccessary.
In early gamestages when there are not that much reps the scroller doesn't appear and the last part sitrep is not reachable, except by resize the window.
That sometimes are several reps.

I play with this config:

Font sizes
text 13
windows title 14

fleet symbols
0.25 tiny
0.650 small
2.650 medium

But I think I experienced it with default config as well...
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Re: SitRep scroll

#2 Post by Vezzra »

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Re: SitRep scroll

#3 Post by LGM-Doyle »

Thanks for playtesting and the bug report.

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